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Career Boot Camp

Anthony Vinci with Jill Ferrall, Associate Dean for Career Development

According to Anthony Vicini, “the yearly University wide career fair and the first career fair of the year for Accounting, CIS, Economics, and Finance majors are two of the most important events to attend on campus.”  Anthony is a junior with a double major in Computer Information Systems and International Business.  About 200 companies come to Quinnipiac from a range of industries, and they are in search for the best employees. “ When I was a first year student,” Anthony  said, “I went to the career fair and took it for granted. I walked around, grabbed some free stuff, and then went on my way. Thinking I didn’t need it, or that it was a waste of time because no one ever gets a job from this type of event. Well, I was wrong!”   What Anthony learned is that it is never too early to plan for your future.  Anthony said, “I came out of the summer break on edge waiting for the career fairs. I knew that this was the time to find a company and land an internship. . .  because I want to have a job lined up after I graduate.” With this attitude shift, Anthony was able to walk through the career fair looking confident, professional, and approachable.  He spoke with many companies and distributed countless resumes. This resulted in a internship with one of his top companies and interest from some others. Overall, my experiences at the Quinnipiac career fairs were very valuable and crucial to my future. The most important thing that I learned was even as a first year and second year student it is important to attend these events just to gain the experience and skills necessary to make a lasting impression when it really counts. Also, you never know what will happen.




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Angela Mattie, MPH, JD was invited to sit on the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health MOSLT Advisory Committee

Angela Mattie, MPH, JD, was invited to sit on the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health MOLST Advisory Committee

Angela Mattie, MPH, JD, was recently invited to serve as a member of the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health MOLST (Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) Advisory Committee. Mattie is the director of Quinnipiac University’s long-term care certificate program, chair of the healthcare management and organizational leadership departments and an associate professor of healthcare management.

The Advisory Committee will be responsible for developing, establishing and implementing a MOLST pilot program for the State of Connecticut. Mattie joins judges, ethicists, consumers and clinicians all expert in field of end of life care decision making.

MOLST is a paradigm designed to improve communication about patient preferences in respect to their choices about end of life treatments. Connecticut’s pilot program, which is based off the national model, will use structured decision making processes to determine patient preferences. If successful, state legislature may choose to implement the program statewide.

The Long Term Care Administration Certificate program offered at Quinnipiac prepares students for careers as long-term care administrators.

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Members of the SHRM@QU Executive Council joined by their special guests at the Induction Ceremony held Sunday

Members of the SHRM@QU Executive Council joined by their special guests at the Induction Ceremony held Sunday

The Society for Human Resource Management at Quinnipiac University (SHRM@QU) held its inaugural Induction Ceremony on Sunday, September 28, 2014. SHRM@QU provides Quinnipiac University students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the effective management of human capital in the field of Human Resource Management. The organization leverages these opportunities for students through affiliations with the Human Resources Association of Greater New Haven (HRAGNH) and the national SHRM organization, the largest and most respected association for HR professionals.

During Sunday’s ceremony, a brief Officer Installation Ceremony recognized members of the executive council, followed by the induction of 23 new student members. Special guests included Margaret Judge, previous State Director of CT SHRM, who was instrumental in affiliating Quinnipiac’s chapter. Other special guests included Randy Chase, Director-Elect of CT SHRM State Council, Linda Walker Horbal from HRAGNH, Dean Matt O’Connor, and the faculty of the management department.

SHRM@QU faculty advisor Julia Fullick, Assistant Professor of Management, presided over the event.

“This day is a day dedicated to honoring new members who have been brought into our organization. We honor our new members because they fill a very important role,” said Fullick. “They hold the key to our future. As we share our traditions and ask them to carry on the legacy of SHRM@QU, we should also look to them for new ideas and inspiration so that we may learn from them as they learn from us.”

Margaret Judge presented SHRM honor cords to the executive council and SHRM pins to all new members. SHRM@QU Student President, Olivia Atkin, said, “I am so proud of everyone and so happy to share it with everyone tonight. It was a proud moment to see how far we have come.”

SHRM@QU is pleased to welcome newest members:

Olivia Atkin – President

PJ Jimenez – Vice President

Brittany Hayles – Secretary & Website Admin)

Caroline Arzt – Career Liaison

Judy Arciszewski

Stefani Azzariti

Tim Cadieux

Chelsea Campbell

Nick Ciccarelli

JonCarlo DeFeudis

Matthew Fredericks

Suzanne Gargiulo

Chris Gosselin

Megan Graham

Melissa Griffith

Deidre Hocevar

Eric Kressaty

Taylor Letourneau Nick Mann

Kristina Maceira

Crystal Santin

Sal Strazza

Bianca Wesnofske

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