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NXT-ID, Inc., a biometric authentication company focused on the growing mobile commerce market, announced Monday, September 29, that Vincent S. Miceli has been named the Company’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Miceli earned his BS in accounting from Quinnipiac University.

“Vin’s extensive experience with larger reporting companies will help us to develop appropriate internal controls and reporting systems as we look to rapidly scale the activities of NXT-ID,” said Gino Pereira, Chief Executive Officer of NXT-ID. “His contribution to our structure will be invaluable in a rapidly growing company such as ours.”

Mr. Miceli has extensive hands on experience in financial and operational management and business leadership in both substantial private and public companies. Before joining NXT-ID, Inc., Miceli served more than seven years as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer of Panolam Industries International, Inc., a company which primarily designs, manufactures and distributes decorative and industrial laminates. Prior to that, Miceli was also the Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Controller of Opticare Health Systems, Inc., a public company which provides integrated eye care services. He has held a variety of senior accounting positions at Amphenol Corporation and United Technologies, Inc.




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Brian McDermott, senior accounting major, Darcie Costello, instructor of accounting, and John Livingston, a Bridgeport resident and marine corps veteran

Brian McDermott, senior accounting major, Darcie Costello, instructor of accounting, and John Livingston, a Bridgeport resident and marine corps veteran

On Friday, September 12, students and faculty from the Quinnipiac University School of Business participated in “Stand Down 2014,” an event to provide Connecticut veterans with services and information from state and federal agencies, as well as local businesses and  corporations. More than 1,000 veterans received assistance at the 19th annual “Stand Down 2014” event, held at The Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs in Rocky Hill.

Brian DeMott, a senior accounting major and member of the School of Business’ Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (VITA) group helped veterans prepare state tax return forms, with guidance from Nelson Alino, assistant professor of accounting, and Darcie Costello, instructor of accounting.

“We are always looking for opportunities for our student to learn as well as to provide  services and help the community,” said Professor Alino. “It’s a good way to give back. It’s good citizenship.”

Jason Maddox, a veteran and third-year student in the Quinnipiac University School of Law, was instrumental in securing VITA for the event, as well as members of the School of Law’s Low-income Taxpayer Clinic. Maddox, Mary Clark, tax fellow with the law school, Mary Ferrari, professor emeritus of law, Toni Robinson, professor of law, and Sara Spodick, staff attorney for the tax clinic, educated veterans about federal tax issues.

“It’s very important,” said Maddox, who also serves as president of the law school’s Military Law Society. “Most of the veterans who come here are lower income. They have issues that can’t be addressed because they don’t have money or access. ‘Stand Down’ puts everything together for the veterans. We can advise them, tell them what they need to know or point them in the right direction if we don’t have an answer.”





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Recently, the Computer Information Society (CIS) had a great first company co-sponsored philanthropic event with CIGNA.  According to CIS Assistant Professor and CIS society faculty advisor, Kiku Jones, “We had 70 people in attendance and were able to raise $330 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand.”  Alex’s Lemonade Stand  is CIGNA’s  charity of choice.  The charity brings advocacy, awareness, and funds to childhood cancer and a battle for a cure.

CIGNA is a global health service dedicated to helping people improve their health, well-being and sense of security.  For more than 200 years. CIGNA and its predecessor companies have been in the insurance field.  The CIGNA team serves as a catalyst for change in more than 30 countries.  The goal of building a better world today and tomorrow is what drives CIGNA. And their mission of health and well-being is what makes philanthropic events, such as the  co-sponsored CIS event, possible.  For the CIS society, this was a great start to a new tradition of, as Kiku Jones states, “partnering with local companies in doing ‘good’!”

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Austin Potter (left) with Chad Wable (right), President and Chief Executive Officer, Saint Mary’s Health System.

Austin Potter (left) with Chad Wable (right), President and CEO, Saint Mary’s Health System.

Quinnipiac alumnus Austin Potter was recently appointed Director of Ambulatory Services at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut. Austin received a Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management from Quinnipiac University in 2012.

“This new leadership role is in direct alignment with our 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, which calls for greater focus and emphasis on developing and growing outpatient services,” said Chad Wable, President and Chief Executive Officer, Saint Mary’s Health System.

Austin began his healthcare management career as an administrative intern at Saint Mary’s and has since become an instrumental part of the Decision Support and Finance team as a Senior Financial Analyst.

Austin will lead a team responsible for Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, Sleep Services, and Outpatient Infusion Services. Additionally, Austin will manage the hospital’s contract with Healogics, the nation’s largest provider of wound care services, and work towards growing the wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy services available to patients.

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The CIS Society knows the importance of networking when it comes to landing ‘the dream’ internship. Marissa Maturo, Vice President of Career Development for the CIS Society recently completed the summer IT program at Cigna, which has led to her permanent position with the company.

CIS Society President Luke Forrister has also learned the art of networking. Luke  recently completed his summer internship at The Ergonomic Group, a Hartford-area company focused on providing customers with IT solutions that will solve their most pressing business challenges. “After getting my hands wet with my first big business experience, I learned what students in this major need to do in order to get on a company’s radar,”  Luke said. “This fall alone we have a strong lineup of events” which enable members to fine-tune the skills essential in career development.

The first big event the Society has planned is the CIS Society BBQ, which will be held on Wednesday, September 17 at 12:30 p.m-2:30pm.  (BBQ will be on the Mount Carmel Campus in the Maple Grove, adjacent to the library).  All proceeds from the barbeque will go to Cigna’s charity of choice, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, which raises money and awareness of childhood cancer causes and research in new treatment and cures.  Luke states, “This is our first corporate-partnered event, and we are excited that employees from Cigna have offered to help cook and serve food to event attendees.” He continues, “This is a great chance for students to speak with Cigna representatives who have all once been in their position, looking to jumpstart a career in IT.” The goal at the end of the day is to find the right fit. ” At the Computer Information Systems Society we really want to help students get their dream jobs, and the group has been a good resource in the past. It will only get better and better.” To learn more about The CIS Society’s upcoming events, log into your DO You QU account and go to the club’s page: https://qucollegiatelink.net/organization/computer-informaton-systems-club.


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Waking up to 20 emails from your boss is a jarring experience at first, but eventually it just becomes routine. This is exactly the routine that MBA candidate Brianna Mello adopted as intern and Executive Assistant at JSimple, an IT services and solutions company located in North Haven, CT.

“In my time at JSimple, I became CEO Jag Singh’s right hand,” Brianna says. “Any administrative task or otherwise, he would quickly type it in an email and send it my way. I organized his calendar, scheduled his meetings, and managed his relationship with his five direct reports in India.” Brianna, who already considers herself an organized person, soon learned that those skills would not be enough for the job at hand. To be successful in managing a hectic CEO’s whirlwind life, she had to consistently think ten steps ahead and anticipate her next task to come.

“I learned that when you work for a rapidly growing IT company, a little chaos just comes with the territory. As efficiently as I ran the office, there was always this sense of disarray. At first this was unsettling to me, but after a week or so I accepted it as a part of the company’s culture.” Hard work, perseverance, and innovation.

Once able to settle in and adjust to what a ‘normal’ day at JSimple was like, Brianna immersed herself into the business on a deeper level. She made an impact at the company by utilizing and applying marketing concepts from her undergraduate coursework, including creativity, innovation, search engine optimization and page rank strategies. “Not only did I manage every aspect of Jag’s life, but I consulted on changes made to the company website, created landing pages for three of JSimple’s HR products and designed an email template for our sales team.”

Brianna’s time at JSimple was so successful that Jag asked her to continue at the company for the fall term.

“It is a very high stimulation, high energy job but I am happy to do it. I am not so much an Executive Assistant as I am jack-of-all trades; where ever there is a need, I am there to fill it.”

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In a matter of months, MBA candidate Ian E. Jackson has traveled to Asia for the first time, balanced three classes and worked two jobs. Reflecting on his action-packed summer, Ian says that his internship experience with Digital Surgeons has made all the hard work worth it.

“Whenever asked what my dream job is, I reply that I want to do marketing at a media-based firm,” Ian says,  “and Digital Surgeons isn’t too far from that.” Digital Surgeons, headquartered in New Haven, CT., was formed in 2007 by a group of passionate visionaries, technophiles, and strategists.  For Digital Surgeons, “‘good enough’ is not in our vernacular.”

As an intern, and despite limited knowledge of the business, Ian assisted the launch of two websites and created new ideas for clients. How was Ian able to excel? He says quite simply, he’d just ‘Google’ it and strategize from there. “If there was ever anything I didn’t know, I was able to use Google and find out myself as opposed to asking someone else and breaking their creative train of thought.”

At the agency of 30 designers, developers and account executives, Ian says the group forms a little clan of creative thinkers. There are no desks, and instead everyone sits at industrial-style tables in rows.  The office kitchen is filled with books to read and a couch surrounded by several Bean Bag chairs. Even better Ian says, “There is a loft with a TV and Xbox so that after a long day of staring at a computer screen, you can stare at a bigger one and blow up aliens.”

Ian says that he can see himself working for Digital Surgeons in the future. “The idea of being able to be creative and free to do as I please in this very open and welcoming environment is something that I value in a job.”

“If I can I say I learned anything from this internship aside from the technical skills, it would independence. By no means did I just play this summer, no, no! You have to be hardworking and resilient to work at Digital Surgeons, because to them it’s all about the ‘blood, sweat and pixels’.”


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