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terracotta%20army%2010000379tmStudents in the MBA program who recently returned from a summer  study excursion to China with Terry Goodwin, Board of Trustees, and Charles Brooks, Professor of Marketing, have reflected on their learning and travel experiences.  Christina Hartnack, MBA candidate, Class of 2015, took special note of the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses in X’ian. Upon ascending the throne at the age of 13 (246 BC), Quin Shi Huang, later the first Emperor of China, had begun work on his mausoleum. It took eleven years to finish.  In 1974, a group of peasants digging in the area uncovered some pottery and archeologists took notice. What was discovered below the mausoleum, in pits, were many treasures and sacrificial objects that are associated with the Qin Dynasty. Altogether, over 7,000 pottery soldiers, horses, chariots, and even weapons were unearthed from the three pits that constitute the mausoleum.  “Rooms the size of stadiums were filled with 6,000 warriors that were individually hand crafted. Each warrior had a different facial expression and detailed armor,” Christina stated. She continued, “In one of the large rooms [pits] there were  warriors that were contained in glass cases because they were found undamaged.”  Those that were damaged across time were carefully restored.  As Christina noted, “It was easy to see the passion and dedication that the Chinese people had for these soldiers and how they wanted their emperor to be safe in the afterlife.”


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mostaff2 Biomedical marketing major, Mostafa Elhaggar, is interning this summer at Z-Medica in Wallingford, CT.     Z-Medica is a fairly new company that manufactures hemostatic products called QuikClot.  During his time as an intern, Mostafa will be working on projects that relate to marketing regarding QuikClot. As Mostafa stated, the “major project is working with a non-for-profit organization called Blue Forever to assist law enforcement in equipping officers with the right gear to combat massive blood loss in case of an emergency.” In addition, Mostafa will be working on analyzing statistics to estimate the return on investments that insurance providers can acquire by using preventive care with the QuikClot product.

As a biomedical marketing major, an area of occupation is very defined. Mostafa finds the company a great fit because it allows him to apply the concepts learned in the business classroom to real world projects. Having a science background within the major, has given Mostafa the necessary knowledge and skills needed to succeed in his current endeavor.  Ultimately, internship experiences assist with real world training that help leverage QU School of Business students upon graduation. According to Mostafa, who is also the Student Body President of the Student Government Association (SGA),  “As much as what I have learned in the classroom, I have learned just as much with my extracurricular.  As a business major, it is paramount to not only have a keen understanding of business, but also a confident sense of professionalism.” Through his involment in the SGA, Greek Life, and other organizations and his position as an intern, Mostafa examplifies business knowledge in action and on the job.

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