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Dylan Zucosky, and his fellow entrepreneur classmates, attended Uncubed in NYC.

Dylan Zucosky, and his fellow entrepreneur classmates, attended Uncubed in NYC.

In November, Dylan Zucosky  and fellow entrepreneurship students attended the Uncubed conference in New York City. They were accompanied by Grace Peiffer, career development director.  Uncubed is a high energy, creative gathering of thoughtful leaders of the top startups in the country. The conference was divided into two sessions: speakers in the morning and a job fair in the afternoon.  While the morning session had many noteworthy speakers, two stood out: Alex Redmond from VICE Medi, discussing sales, and Tarek Pertew, a co-founder from Wakefield Media, giving tips on how to get hired by a start up.

Dylan shared a few key points from the the talk on sales he attended that he found key: live your product, breathe it, love it;  only perfect pitch practice, makes for perfect pitches, so PRACTICE!  Remember that 90% of business is relationships–relationships build business. Network and connect.

According to Dylan, Pertew’s tips on how to get hired were equally as powerful.  They include the following: start within arm’s reach; do your research; know what you are looking for; think outside the box; build skills in unfamiliar areas and talk to strangers.  Most importantly, in agreement with Redmond’s advice, Pertew encouraged students to network. And, according to Pertew,  part of networking is setting goals and reaching one person a week. Remember: doesn’t hurt to be different and it helps to adapt a “do it yourself” mentality.  “Face time” matters, so put in the extra hours, and make sure you  bookmark the right information. Read extensively in your field to know your environment. An eye towards the company culture is key, as is the ability to ask for feedback.

During the afternoon’s job fair, students were able to network with companies in a relaxed environment. This enabled QU entrepreners to show off social skills, illustrate to the companies that they are personable and would be fun to work with.  As Dylan Zucosky said,  “This was an amazing experience that was by far the most engaging job fair I have ever been to.  I highly suggest going next year.”  ( Dylan Zucosky’14 is a Media Studies Major and Entrepreneurship Minor)


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Angelica Walters, an HCM-MBA student, is also working in the Business Optimization department at Aetna.

Angelica Walter is an HCM-MBA student and Aetna employee.

Angelica Walter graduated last May with an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems at Quinnipiac. Now a graduate school attendee to the Health Care Management MBA program, Angelica has been hard at work for the past five months. While in school, she has also been working as a Junior Analyst in the Business Optimization Leadership Development Program at Aetna.

The Business Optimization department works to create initiatives and solutions that help Aetna stay competitive in the insurance market. Working in the Business Optimization department has been a great experience for her so far. She has learned a lot and has gained much exposure throughout the experience. As an analyst, she supports the internal consultants that facilitate the initiatives. Angelica considers her job to be challenging, since it is often intense due to a significant learning curve. Currently, she is working on a Six Sigma Green Belt Project to improve call closure rates, and is also developing new websites for a few different areas within her department.

When asked if Angelica has a hard time balancing graduate school with working, she replied that she does not. She believes that Quinnipiac allows her to do her job more effectively, because the hands-on experience deepens her understanding of the material she gets tested on in school. “Quinnipiac enables me to learn at my own pace without feeling overwhelmed. The MBA program allows for a lot of applied learning, which I actively utilize in my position at Aetna,” Angelica explained.

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