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Tony Shepherd, manager of broadcast marketing for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, encouraged students to reach clients through aspirational marketing. (Photo by Anna Brundage ’13, MS ’15.)

Tony Shepherd, manager of broadcast marketing for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, encouraged Quinnipiac University students across disciplines to tug at potential customers’ emotions during a presentation and meet-and-greet on Sept. 20.

“The marketing strategy is about finding the emotional and aspirational aspect,” said Shepherd. “We create the urgency to want to come. Bring your kids to Disney while it’s still magical.”

The event was sponsored by the School of Business and School of Communications at Quinnipiac University and The Walt Disney Company.

The presentation capped off a day of conversations with students in and outside of classes.


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Arienne had a great Intern experience at EY.

Arienne had a very valuable Intern experience at EY.

When Arienne Kvetkus started her internship back in June, she never imagined how quickly time would pass and how much she would learn during that time, as well as how many great people she would have the chance to meet. According to Arienne, “Working at Ernst & Young this summer was truly an amazing experience. Over the course of the internship I was given the opportunity to meet and talk with high level executives, including the new CEO, Mark Weinberger.” According to Arienne,  one of the most valuable aspects of the internship was the opportunity to experience the rebranding of the company. This involved listening to the big and small picture– the mission and its execution. Arienne was also able to work directly at a client site, assisting in a carve-out audit for a Fortune 100 company.

Arienne has a BS in accounting and is tech savvy.  These skill sets matter, but EY also stressed a positive attitude as part of their company environment.   Arienne stated, “This didn’t necessarily mean being the happiest person in the office, but instead having an open mind to new things, the ability to accept constructive criticism and an appetite for learning.” Throughout her internship, she heard how EY employees were given opportunities to chase their dreams while being at the company– whether it was to travel the world or to start a whole new business line within the company.

EY also stressed the importance of networking, which ended up being one of the main objectives for their interns. Networking not only helps the company gain new clients, but also provides employees the opportunity to be placed in jobs they want. On the final week of her internship, EY sent Arienne to Florida for an International Leadership Convention. Not only was she able to hear from leaders within the company, but she also met interns from all over the world.

Although Arienne had a great experience, she had her first taste of a busy season, including five-day, fifty-hour weeks and working on Saturdays. Simply put, she believes that “with a positive attitude and a great team of colleagues, working at EY has the potential to provide you with a successful career and a happy life.”

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"Supply chain is real and the relative management theories are helpful" says  Jing Liang, MBA student.

“Supply chain is real and the relative management theories are helpful,” says Jing Liang, MBA student.

The moment Quinnipiac MBA student Jing Liang, who is from Tianjin City, got the news that he’d be interning at Kerry EAS Logistics, he thought his tasks would be both simple and boring. What’s easier than watching packages and cartons going in and going out? When he got there he knew he was mistaken. In the short period of internship at Kerry EAS Logistics, Jing realized supply chain is real and the relative management theories taught in the classroom are extremely helpful.

From basic stock classification to receiving and picking up cartons for SAP system operation, Jing enjoyed all of the internship time spent at Kerry EAS Logistics. According to Jing, “The first few days were frustrating.”  He stated, “I’d have to pick accessories for Nokia handsets, type label information, print them out and put them on the carton.” He didn’t complain, but instead tried to observe how the front-end staff worked and how their behaviors and attitudes influenced all of the chain operations. After the initial adaptation, Jing’s role was to receive the distribution manager’s e-mail, and he was responsible for sending out the correct boxes to Lumia. One box contained $30,000 worth of mobile phones and he would overseer them until they were delivered onsite. Said Jing, “I realized why third party logistics lowers risk and accelerates business running. And I understood why around Kerry warehouse, there are a lot of e-Commerce companies– Alibaba, Watsons, Vancl, etc. They are the leading companies in doing B2B [business to business] and B2C [business to consumer].” One important take away that Jing had from the experience is the importance of organziation and leadership within a corporate environment and the important role every person brings to an effectual result.

Jing feels lucky to have enrolled in MBA 689 Internship Experience, with Dr. Richard McCarthy, Professor of Computer Information Systems, and had the opportunity at Kerry.  Jing says, “I know it’s time to get out of  [the] Ivory tower and initiate my career. I appreciate that Kerry EAS gave me this platform to make it real.”

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