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Business ethicsBloomberg Businessweek  ranked Quinnipiac’s School of Business within the top ten undergraduate business schools that are outstanding in ethics.  Undergraduate students were the ones surveyed, and they cast their vote according to a survey that emphasized assessment on value-based learning. Over the next few weeks Bloomberg will publish the entire speciality ranking– from how students assess ethics learned in accounting to ethical practices learned through entrepreneurship.  While ethics might not appear in every course description, value-based learning is a key Quinnipiac component.  One of the School of Business mission values includes the following: “We are devoted to the principles of integrity and pledge to be ethical, honest, fair, respectful and reposonsible  in our interactions with others.”  The School of Business is proud to have a course for credit, Ethics and Diversity, which considers current ethical challenges in the workplace.  This course is largely taught by Professor Terry Goodwin, former vice president and manager of equity trading at Goldman Sachs Assest Management;  Mr. Goodwin is also a QU graduate. He has served on Quinnipiac’s board of trustees since  1993.   In addition, the School of Business hosts a Distinguished Dean’s Speaker Series, in which ethics is an undercurrent in the exchange of discussions regarding career development and personal conduct.    The recognition received goes beyond the regional– Notre Dame, Texas A&M, and Tulsa were assessed and ranked by Bloomberg according to their course offerings in ethics and value-based learning. Quinnipiac is dedicated to seeing it’s mission statement “in action” and students benefit.


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