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images[10]  This semester the Quinnipiac University community helped to  develop their health and wellness programs by inviting students and faculty to participate in a yoga “retreat.”  Participants hiked up the Tower Trail of Sleeping Giant Mountain, right across from the Mount Carmel Campus, and spent their hiking time releasing stress and focusing on the idea that some failures create a “roadmap to success.”  School of Business professor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Dave Tomczyk, who lead one of the well-attended  workhops, kicked off the series.  As he noted, “If you always try to succeed, then the best you can do is just a bit better than average.   If you want to do incredible things, you have to risk failing– and failing spectacularly.”  Dave lead students on exercises designed to help students feel less fear about shortcomings, and ways to learn from what we recognize are the pitfalls and how to manage a positive.  After the sessions, students were encouraged to take time to reflect on their experience in a writing journal. A few hours later, all came back to campus more focused and less stressed.


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Alex Lazerowich and Forrest Dwyer

Quinnipiac students Alex Lazerowich and Forrest Dwyer

In April, Quinnipiac University hosted the Entrepreneurship Business Model Competition.  QU winners, Alex Lazerowich and Forrest Dwyer, recently traveled to Harvard to present their business model, “Giraffe Design.”

While Alex Lazerowich and Forrest Dwyer and their company Giraffe Design did not go on to the finals the judges were impressed with their business model and the quality of their presentation.

The Business Model Competition focuses on identifying and precisely defining the assumptions of the new venture, testing those assumptions in the field and then changing (pivoting) based on lessons learned. This innovative competition requires students to send in a multimedia presentation of ten minutes or less. Presentations must showcase the four key steps, 1) identify your assumptions, 2) get outside the building to test those assumptions, 3) validate the facts with customers or pivot, 4) identify lessons learned.

The Business Model Competition prides itself on rising above a normal business plan competition to challenge students to take a business plan and adapt it to work with real customers using lean startup practices, adaptability (pivoting), and strong problem solving skills.

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skyscraper-constructionQuinnipiac University is driven to prepare students to excel in all business situations. This preparation extends beyond the walls of the classroom to the academic and career services provided to support students. Management major, and Junior, Kenneth Herlichy gives a strong testimony to this with his recent internship.

As Kenneth describes, “I am currently a junior business major focusing on management at Quinnipiac University. My three years so far at Quinnipiac have been the best three of my life. During my time at the university I was able to establish an internship at a multibillion-dollar construction management company in New York City.” He continues, “While applying for this internship I received a lot of help and advice from the professors here and could not be thankful enough for all they did. I don’t believe I would have made it without them. Thanks to these professors I was able to experience many eye opening activities while interning. Quinnipiac University helped give me the tools to excel in the field for StructureTone that helped me stand out and be one of the 5 interns asked to come back for a second summer.”

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Kyle Cook, Sean Reid Associate Dean School of Business, Matthew O'Connor Dean of School of Business

Kyle Cook, Senior Entreprenuership Major, Sean Reid, Associate Dean of School of Business, and Matthew O’Connor, Dean of School of Business

On April 25th faculty, students and staff gathered at the Alumni Gardens to celebrate another year of excellence.  Quinnipiac’s School of Business was again named in Bloomberg Businessweek’s “Best Undergraduate Business Schools 2013.” “Businessweek’s Top 100 is a sign of a high quality business education and an important information source for prospective students and recruiters,” said Matt O’Connor, Dean of the School of Business. In 2011, Businessweek ranked Quinnipiac as 91st.  In 2012, it had jumped to 72nd. This year Quinnipiac was rated 61st out of 124 universities. This prestigious rise is a result of outstanding faculty, student involvement, and course organization. The School of Business’ eye toward mentorship has been a roadmap to the university’s success. The School of Engineering is making great strides in its course development and implementation and looks forward to welcoming the  incoming class of 2017. The School of Business has also been recognized as a national leader in online MBA education. Earlier this year, the School of Business was featured in the 2013 edition of the Princeton Review’s “The Best 296 Business Schools.”  Quinnipiac University has once again been named among the nation’s best universities providing a full range of undergraduate and master’s level programs in U.S. News & World Report’s 2013 America’s Best Colleges issue.

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