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Wendy Ceccucci

Wendy Ceccucci
Computer Information Systems

Wendy Ceccucci, professor of computer information systems at Quinnipiac has been elected to a one-year term as president of the Association of Information Technology Professionals’ Education Special Interest Group(EDSIG).

“I am honored to be elected president of EDSIG,” Ceccucci said.  “The organization plays a vital role on the ongoing development and continuous improvement of information systems education. This recognition is a reflection of how the faculty members in the computer information systems at Quinnipiac are viewed as national leaders.”

As president of the EDSIG, Ceccucci will be responsible for planning the association’s two major conferences, the Information Systems Educators Conference (ISECON) and Conference on Information Systems Applied Research (CONISAR).

The association also has three journals: “Journal of Information Systems Applied Research;” “The Information Systems Education Journal;” and “Journal of Information Systems Education.”

Ceccucci joined the Quinnipiac faculty in 1995. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Union College and a master’s degree and doctorate from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.


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Professor Robert Engle
Quinnipiac University
International Business

Quinnipiac University Professor Robert Engle has won the Stockholm School of Economics Best Paper Award for research on working in a foreign country.

He co-authored the paper with Nikolay Dimitriadi of Rostov State Economic University of Russia and Ekrem Tatoglu of Bahcesehir University of Turkey.

The three of them received the top award for their paper “Intent to Become an Expatriate: An Application of Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behavior and the Role of Gender in the United States, Russia and Turkey.”

According to Mr. Engle, “This research study explored whether or not individuals would be willing to accept a job offer to work in a foreign country, and if so what motivations might be contributing to this willingness to become an expatriate.”

Among the study’s many findings were that encouragement and support from family, mentors and friends were especially important factors in the willingness to accept a position in a foreign country.

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Karla Natale, director of special events at Quinnipiac University, assists a Quinnipiac student on proper etiquette

The Quinnipiac University School of Business is always looking for ways to give its students a leg up on those they will be competing against in their professional lives.

The school hosted an etiquette dinner Nov. 6 in the Mancheski Executive Seminar Room, where 50 business students gathered around white-clothed tables to learn business etiquette and dining skills from Karla Natale, director of special events at Quinnipiac.

“We went course by course explaining what to do and showed what to do on a sample plate,” said Natale, who is certified in both business etiquette and international business protocol and has led etiquette dinners for five years at Quinnipiac.

“Etiquette still matters, especially when you’re looking for a job or networking,” Natale said. “You don’t want to come off sloppy or unkempt. You want to make sure you are projecting confidently. I feel like people hear the word ‘etiquette’ and get turned off because they think of being prim and proper, but it doesn’t have to be like that. It just means conducting yourself in a professional way that is respectful to others.”

During each of the three courses, Natale discussed the continental and American styles of dining as well as general etiquette, including accepting invitations, seating arrangements and their meanings and interacting with guests.

Lisa Alessandrello, a junior international business major said she found the information to be beneficial. “There are everyday things that you do and you could have bad habits that you don’t even know about,” Alessandro said. “I think she did a really great job and the setting was very practical. She really covered the bases and people asked great questions.”

Belizabeth Serrano, a junior international business major, agreed that etiquette is important for interacting with people. “Etiquette allows you to take your time to eat and talk with people,” she said.

Giosué Improta, a junior accounting major, said, “I came to this the last few years and it helps me learn these lessons over again. It’s a great way to be with my peers and learn. As an accounting major, you need to learn how to schmooze your client and to set yourself apart from competitors.”

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Alex Leonhard
Junior CIS Major
CIS Society President

Quinnipiac University is honored to have Alex Leonhard be the recipient of the Betty Stevens-Frecknall Scholarship. AITP, the Association for Information Technology Professionals, is the leading worldwide society of professionals in information technology. Leonhard first got involved with AITP because he was selected to represent Quinnipiac University at AITP’s national collegiate competition in San Antonio, Texas. Upon registering as an AITP member, students are granted access to apply to many different scholarships, one of which was the Betty Stevens-Frecknall Scholarship from FITE (Foundation for IT Education). The Foundation’s mission is the professional development of individuals in the Information Technology industry.

As a Junior studying computer information systems, Alex believes this scholarship will directly improve his education. He plans to enroll in a two week QU course that takes place in Italy next semester.

Having a QU students receive this scholarship reflects the strength of the CIS department and the Business School. FITE receives hundreds of applicants from around the world every year, and being selected for this honor represents the high quality of education available at the Quinnipiac University School of Business.

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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting for SoB Faculty
Marriot in Stamford, CT
Friday 11/9,  6pm – 8pm

Christopher Ball from the Istvan Szechenyi Institute at QU invites all SoB faculty to a Hungarian wine tasting that is being hosted this Friday at the Marriott in Stamford from 6 – 8 pm. It is the closing reception for a 2 day international business event that Professor Ball is running in Stamford this week. There will be companies and diplomatic representatives attending from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania and of course the USA. More information is here www.ctceenet.org

The wine is from the vineyards of Christian Sauska, the QU trustee that made the donation to endow the Szechenyi Chair in 2008. Sauska wine is now one of the top wines in Hungary and became available for purchase in the US beginning in July 2011. Mr. Sauska and his wife Andrea will be joining others at the wine tasting. 

If you have any questions, please contact Christopher Ball at: Christopher.Ball@quinnipiac.edu.

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Angela Mattie
Healthcare Management
Professor at Quinnipiac

Recently, Quinnipiac professor Angela Mattie was quoted by Ryan Jaslow from CBS News for his story about a Minnesota woman who was upset for being charged extra fees after asking her doctor “too many questions.”

Mattie writes, “I think this woman did exactly what she should have done.” She mentions that people need to be “active consumers” in their health care, actively involved in their medications, medical histories, and discussions with doctors on what procedures they get.

For the full article and comments from Quinnipiac’s Angela Mattie, click here.

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The Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce hosted its fourth annual Sports Council “Courtside Chat” Luncheon on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at Carmen Anthony’s in New Haven, Conn. Head Coach Tom Moore discussed the upcoming season and his expectations for the team.

The Quinnipiac Men’s Basketball team starts their season on Saturday November 10 at 3:00 vs. Hartford at the Connecticut 6 Classic Rich Family Pavilion in West Hartford, Conn.

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